Bottom of the First Inning

Strike Two

I finally decided to look for someone to converse with a little bit closer to home as in ALL of Alberta.

Enter Doug, he lives in Slave Lake and has done so for many years. His profile was not particularly interesting but he did have a nice look about him and of course we all know that looks and a profile can be very deceiving, not with Doug.

We exchanged a couple of emails and then I called him at his suggestion.

Doug’s profile struck me as being basic, nice and that is what I found while we were speaking. He talked and talked but in a good way.  His profile stated he had a trapline, enjoyed nature and the usual stuff like wishing to share life, etc.  He spoke to me like a person who has been out of human contact, much like those I have talked to who have been sailing for quite a while and are so glad to speak again to someone other than themselves!

I was very curious about his trapline.  This is not something I generally agree with.  If this is your only means of living/eating then I do not take issue with it.  I know it is all government sanctioned but really, is there a need?   I did not get into this with Doug as that was not the point for calling.  The whole point was to see if there was more to the person.

I always find it amazing what people tell me and especially here in Alberta.  People like to talk and tell you all about their lives. I ask a question and the information flows!  A good thing really.

He did have a small plane at one point but had only flown locally and I had the impression he was not an experienced pilot nor had a real love of flying.  I say it is a good thing he sold the plane. 

He had been married, has three sons, two are married, has grandchildren and the other one is engaged and they all live in Edmonton.  He has been rebuilding another house after a fire went through the town in 2011.  Seems like a long time to take to rebuild but then again there could have been many reasons for that. He told me that the town should not have burned as it did as there is a water bomber base located there and of course the fire dept.  He stated over 300 hundred homes burned.  What?? 

When the hydro went out due to the fire, neither the fire dept., water bomber facility nor the town’s water supply had generators.  No water and no fuel could be had.  He told me that the fire encroached far too close before measures were taken to combat it and to advise people in town.  When I asked if the fire was started by an arsonist, he snorted and said no, it was a power line that started it.  I do not know if all of this is true as I have not googled about the 2011 fire but he was there and I am always more inclined to believe those who have been through the situation rather than what the media is fed to report.

We then talked about his trapline. Actually, very interesting.  If I have this right his trapline is about 24 x 24 miles!  He only manages a small portion of it as there is too much work involved for one person to maintain the traps, set them, clear brush and the trees.  This is not his first line.  Originally, he partnered with an older man to learn and that was decades ago, the old man died and he bought it off the wife. He eventually sold it and partnered with another man, who died and he bought that one from the wife and it is the trapline he has now.  All traplines are registered with the government and the lines are on crown land.  He told me that you can sell the line for whatever you think it is worth, basically the value of animals that can be obtained. 

I did not get into what his career was and based on what he has said I am thinking he needed and does need the trapline as an income.

Doug certainly seems nice, wide open to giving information about himself; has travelled little, has never kayaked, does not ride a bicycle/motorbike, has not explored Canada or the USA and other than owning a small plane at one point has not experienced too much.  Possibly he has wanted to.

This is a no to Doug.


I have struck up a conversation with James.  Should we continue to chat I will have to up my game, he is a biologist and outlined a very clear list of what he isn’t and what he won’t accept and if he does not respond then basically you don’t make the call out list.   That made me laugh and replied to his profile with the following – “whew!  Just got in on the cusp of the age requirement”. 

He responded!

Did I make it to short list or long list?

Ha! To be determined.


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